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Cuncolim Chieftains Memorial needs immediate attention, sympathisers mourn Council’s negligence

06 Jul 2021 | 06:07am IST

Cuncolim Chieftains Memorial needs immediate attention, sympathisers mourn Council’s negligence


CUNCOLIM: In honour of the chieftains, Cuncolim Chieftains Memorial in 2015 and not even a decade Cunkolkars remorse that sheer negligence and procrastination of Cuncolim Municipal Council has led to steady decaying of the Memorial. Cuncolim that celebrate July 15 as Chieftains day reiterate their demand for immediate renovation and long-pending beautification of the Chieftains Memorial.

In order to pay homage to 16 chieftains who along with Cuncolkars had waged a war against Portugese Rule in 1583 Cuncolim Municipal Council (CMC) had initiated construction of the Chieftains Memorial in 2015 with a budget of Rs 38 lakh through Goa Golden Jubilee Funds received from Art and Culture Department. However the project was never completed. CMC had paid around Rs 14 lakh and rest was given to the State Electricity Department to carry out electric fittings and beautification work. The Council since then failed to follow up with the Electricity Department that is sitting on the file and paid amount for last five years. Beautification and illumination work was supposed to complete five years ago neither the elected representatives nor the officers moved the needle since then.

The sympathiser regrets that the Memorial’s the all-time open gate has turned the green shaven lawn into breeding ground of weeds and grass, and the garden a grazing ground for cattle. Huge wild trees are grown and their roots have started destroying the boundary wall. Benches are worn out; water fountain that was installed during inauguration stands dry and damaged. Beautification poles have fallen off.

More heart wrenching for them is to see that Council is using the place to dump garbage and to keep garbage bins. Council and some businessmen are parking heavy vehicles in front of memorial.

History witnessed 438 years ago Cuncolkars waged a war against mighty Portuguese to protect their identity and Swarajya. It was the first revolt against the Portuguese and against any foreign rulers in India. Portuguese rulers killed fifteen Chieftains who were called for a peace treaty at Assolna Fort. One chieftain managed to escape from death trap.

Every year on July 15, the students are honoured along with freedom fighters and revered personalities. Council used help financially which they stopped for last two years.

President of Chieftains Trust, Oscar Martin toldHerald that Council failed to respect the first war heroes and also shown ignorance about historical achievement. He said that trust will now demand to handover chieftains memorial to Chieftains Trust who are capable to maintain the memorial. Martin also expressed his displeasure towards Council act. Martine appealed all patriotic people to remain present at Chieftains Memorial on July 15 at 3.30 pm to pay tribute to sixteen martyred Chieftains.

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