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Coutinho families: Simple life style, caring and loving people of Angali village in Majali, Karwar

One early morning when we were in Majali Karwar and were guests of the Coutinho family there.

Infact there are some 30 to 40 Coutinho families in that small ward and all of them they told us trace their links to Cuncolim.

But all of them have lost touch with #cuncolim having migrated three to four generations back.

Whether it was due to economics or religious reasons they migrated it was not known.

But two daughters from the Coutinho family we visited are nuns and one of them is based in Italy and one in France.

They have a small Chapel close by and a half a kilometers away they have a bigger Chapel where the coutinhos attend mass, there also a big temple near by and a small football ground, ideal for 7 a side football.

The people still are into diary farming and cultivate their paddy fields unlike in Goa.

The road leading to the place where the coutinho reside are narrow and no two big cars can pass at one time.

But except for the ocassional cow dung at a few places which was but natural to find on the roads, otherwise there was no garbage litter on the roads.

Once inside the Coutinho house hold we were welcomed warmly and we felt we part of their family.

The simple life, the simplicity and the sheer joy of taking happiness in the small things of life we witness in these small ward of Majali turned the clock for me and brother in law and to the Goa of the old, the old charm.which is fading away into oblivion.

We ourselves have lost track of the changes taking place around us and only when we step out and experience the different environment and setting that reality dawns on us.

After all travelling is the best learning experience..... and our good friend and colleague from Gomantak Marathi newspaper Late Ashok Naik Tueykar always use to harp on the importance of travel and learning a few things in the process.

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