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Catch glimpses of the other side of Goa from Mohan Naik

Artist Mohan Naik highlights the quaint village life of Pearl of the Orient through his paintings.

Picture Goa and the first image that comes to one’s mind is its pristine beaches. But artist Mohan Naik — through 26 artworks in different formats created using various techniques — depicts the simple village life of Pearl of the Orient at an ongoing show in the Capital.

The south Goa-based artist, who lives in a quaint village, shares that he draws inspiration from his “immediate surroundings”. “I depict what I see around me in my own style — by simplifying the forms in Nature, animals, humans and trees,” says the artist, who in the initial stages of his career, was influenced by Indian miniature paintings and the works of old masters.

“I always had a love for my village and wanted to depict it in my own way,” says Naik, a graduate from Goa College of Art and he informs that after his education in art he could do it well because his “art and day-to-day life aren’t separate.”

The artist agrees that with rapid urbanisation, villages are also fast changing. “Today, the villages are changing with rapid speed and my village is not an exception to this. The village I have experienced in my childhood has changed a lot. However, I’m living my past life through my paintings. Those memories make me depict it more and more. I enjoy doing it,” he adds.

His paintings often tell a story. From glimpses of villagers to a girl sitting with her grazing goats and moving around, the canvases showcase the simplicity of village life. “I’m from a farmer’s family and have lived a simple life in my village with [other] villagers. That simplicity reflects in my paintings,” says Naik, who has mostly used warm hues. He adds, “Warm colours have a lot of positive energy which can create a positive mood in human beings by relaxing their mind. I like warm colours and it suits my compositions.”

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