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Cashew pulp waste and research project on its use in Goa

Cashew feni, cashew nuts, cashew juice (locally called Niro) are some of the products which come to the mind of the people from Goa when the discussion is centered around cashew fruit, juice and its productive use.

Now an International academic institution which has tieups with some educational institutes in Goa have come with a “Proposal is to find possibilities to generate additional income for Cashew farmers and Feni processors from Cashew pulp waste.”

What do people who are in the business of Cashew plantations do with the pulp waste after extracting juice from the cashew fruits, is the immediate question.

Here are a few things, which people who have been closing following the industry practices and have an ear on the ground had to say.

“Pulp waste used for feed for animals, also used for fuel for the bhati,” wrote one.

A second one said: “There is cashew cheese, would catch up, if people tried it since it's vegan.”

For the uninformed, in September 2023 an online research project on Cashew pulp waste in corporation with some international educational institutes was started in Goa and January 2024 is the last stage of the research project.

“Surprising results have been booked by the research team and team would like to continue this research on product nivo.”

Two product is selected for further research by the International academic institution:

1) Beer Coasters

2) Packaging products

From February 2024, the research on those products will two students from the European educational institute to be based in Goa.

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