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Can Sudesh Bhise a BJP 'rebel' play the spoil sport for BJP in Cuncolim?

Cuncolim is looking forward to a three-cornered fight between BJP, Trinamool Congress and Congress.....

What are the propsects of the sitting MLA Dias who is contesting on the BJP ticket.....will the two BJP rebel Sudesh Bhise and Santosh Fal Dessai play the spoil sport on Valentine Day for the party prospects.

We will have to wait till March 11 to get the results. Bu teh voting patterns will certainly indicate which way the wind is blowing.

At the moment it seems to be a three-cornered fight.......but a deep underground current among the catholic voters of the consitutency seems to be moving towards RG......whose votes they eat into will decide the fate of the restuls and not forgetting AAP who will be aiming to make a dent into the vote share of the Congress, and not forgettting another independent candidate Milagres who has contested inthe past and is capable of getting a few votes.

In the ends it seems to be a touch and go with every single vote counting.

Money power will play a crucial role in the coming days.....

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