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Blacksmiths of Cuncolim face hardships when it comes to caste certificates from Deputy Collector's office

The blacksmiths of Goa. they are classifed as Other Backward Classes (OBC)

Other Backward Classes (OBC) reservations and caste certificates for Kalaikar/Black Smith in Goa....... how to get the caste certificates from the Deputy collector...... that a question from citizens of Cuncolim belonging to OBC's.... they are the only backsmiths lef tin Cuncolim but adminstration does not reconginse them when it comes to government schemes and benefits!!!!!!!

Other Backward Classes (OBC) are such backward classes of citizens other than the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes

 You will find a few number of people who are now Kalaikar/Black Smith/Tin Smith trade. The number is decreasing in Goa.

A number of reservations have been kept for them in government jobs and in local self governeing bodies.

A slew of new government schemes are also on the horizon to help them revive the art and give it a boost.

The crunch of the matter is how to get the required caste certificate/s

They must produce a Caste Certificate, which states that he or she is not from “non-creamy layer and non-migrant” in the prescribed Proforma from the Deputy Collector of the area concerned.

How to get the certificate and what are the set of documents required which have to be submitted along with the form.

I have got to hear that a few youths from the community have been running from pillar to post to get the certificates.

First of all, they have to get a caste certificate from their respective associations. So, if you are from Cuncolim municipal area, you have to go all the way to Vasco to get the letter from the concern organizations, I was informed by one of the youths of the Blacksmith community.

But, even after spending time and money and with the letter in their possession the wheels of the Goa administration have not been moving for them.

They have not been able to get the caste certificates for months end.

Need to streamline the system and the local self-governing body can step in, how they can do it we will deal in another post and ewe will see how the administration worked these craftsman right from licensing the trade to certificting them as expert craftsman, worth turning the wheels back to history and putting them back in practice in recent times, with modifications.

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