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Blacksmith Bellows or Batto in Konkani, will soon vanish in thin air in Goa

Does anyone know the English name for this? Batto?

The Cuncolim blacksmith said they call is Batto, it is part of the Blacksmith Foundry in Goa..... it is made of Animal skin, it was made in Goa earlier now no one makes it in Goa.

It is tied to a string and a thin Bamboo stick and one of the person pulls the string and air gets sucked inside and outside the chamber on a regualr basis and helps in lighting up the charcoal and in the red hot burning charchoal the blacksmith puts the iron and after sufficient time of it turning red hot, picks it and moulds it to the desired tools of different shapes as per the requirements of his or her customers.

The local cobbler used to make in Cuncolim from the local slaughtered annimals in Cuncolim, not any more, it has gone into oblivion.

If people want to buy it batto ( Blacksmith Bellows ) he told me they go Belgaum to buy it.

A few videos of how to build your own Blacksmith Bellows are online and gives you an idea what is the working mechanism for it.

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