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Agents and touts found outside all government offices in Margao

Like all government departments like RTO (Road Transport Office), Sub-registrar office in Margao you see agents sitting outside the office premises of almost all other government offices in Margao and asking if you want their services.

Are they working for an official company which is registered with the government and they are officially authorized to do the job.

If not, why action is not taken against this unauthorized tout.

The touts or agents’ surface because people are unhappy with the services offered by the government departments and the government personnel at the desk make things difficult for the person approaching them for the particular work.

But who clear the mess, the Revenue Minister is getting a cut from the bribes that the sub registrar and other officials get on a regular basis.

I do remember some 20 years back a Sub registrar office staff called Dominic, who later became a sub registrar was ready to pay rs.50,000 to a top south goa politician from the coastal back just to get back to Margao office from Vasco.

The south goa politician shot back, so how you will be able to recover the 50,000, he shot back, I will be able to get it.

So the next time any personnel from the sub registrar office approached the politician in five years’ time he just doubled his share to one lakh......... that politics...politicians,. bribes...government functioning and government services for you in a nut shell.

A few days back when i was in Goa i asked a friend of mine about procedure to change the name on the electricity bill from the deceased person (my father who passed away in 2008) to mine.

He was kind enough to share the number of one Non Goan person, who he said will do the work for me.

But my question is really we need to hire the services of this people?

When one has all the documentation and all the paper work in the files do you need to hire the services of this people.

One thing for sure i will not hire these agents.

Talking about agents, a Cuncolim Municipality staff, when asked about the procedure in change of name in the House Tax, had a quick reply, please approach so and so notary in Cuncolim She will do the job for you.

That is the new way of helping people, no time to explain the procedures and the documents needed to submit with the application.

Approach the notary and she or he will do the work for you, she or he has a magical wand and will bring all the documents to submit with the application and the affidavit.

Talking about behavior one sub-Registrar office staff handling the birth and death counter at sub registrar office was adamant in telling me.

"We have birth and death certificates of these period, beyond that we do not know where to find them, we have been instructed by our seniors not to tell beyond that, if you want to find out, find out elsewhere it is not our job to tell you, it is instructions from our seniors, he told me twice,"

For the records one Raikar from Abade Faria road is the sub registrar office and i wish i had time to meet these gentlemen and clarify with him if these are the instructions he has passed on to his subordinate staff or the orders have come from someone else or from the revenue minister.

That the changing face of Goa and its people, especially the government servants.


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