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A Tribute to Late Robin Vaz

- Noel D’Aguiar (Voddy, Cuncolim – Goa)

My memories of Robin Vaz date back to the time when he was on his path of becoming an accomplished artist. This tall man with his trademark French beard was a great actor, talented composer and a marvelous singer.

‘Robin Vaz’ was a name uttered with much respect in the Konkani tiatr circles. Some of his master pieces are still sung and

relished by one and all.

The very mention of the Konkani jingle ”Gaddi gevun zatrek voitao” brings back the sweet memories of this gentleman. This popular Konkani hit always leaves people humming the lyrics and tapping their feet when it is played by most of the popular Goan

bands at wedding receptions and parties. In fact it would not be wrong to say that ”Gaddi gevun zatrek voitao” has almost become synonymous with Robin Vaz.

Backbaychem varem, Darling Lucy and Mogachem tufan are some of the popular melodies sung by Robin Vaz. His super-hit Konkani tiatr “Agent Monter” has been oneof my personal all time favourites.

He was a towering personality who had admirers and fans not just in Goa, but also in other parts of the country as well as abroad. He entertained the masses with his melodious voice and skillful acting for several decades and finally the curtains on his eventful life came down in November 2002.

This legend of the Konkani stage continues to live in the hearts of all those who enjoyed his performances live on stage and also those who cherish the beautiful music he leftbehind for us to enjoy.

The 20 th of October, his birth anniversary is an apt occasion to pay rich tributes to this man who lived a life filled with colour and music and left behind wonderful memories and music for all of us to cherish.

I am sure the heavens must be rejoicing with this Master Entertainer up there.

I can confidently say that our generation was indeed lucky to have witnessed the performances of this legend of the Konkani stage.

We shall remember Robin Vaz if not at other times, at least when we are on our way to the zatra and hum his unforgettable melody… “Voi, gaddi geven zatrek voitao”.

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