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A Goan Wedding On The Beach

Saturday, February 04, 2006 A Wedding On The Beach

By Clinton Vaz

Last night, I was at Charlie and Nicole's wedding. Charlie's a Goan from Kananguinim, while Nicole from Basel, Switzerland and they live close to my place in Benaulim. It was a refreshing change from the usual weddings I've attended. For starters; I was dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and sandals! The entrance was lit up with candles in paper bags...hundreds of them formed the driveway to the shack called Zeebop at Utorda beach. The atmosphere was multicultural and uncrowded and most of all uniquely fun!

We had the customary toast, but no silly wedding march. We had a 'wedding special' newspaper for sale which was filled with info about the bride and groom, funny pictures and cartoons too. The money from the sale was given to a home for special children. For entertainment we some of the foreign guests double up as performers and had cross dressers perform an Abba song in costume, a typically Swiss 'Heidi-Dance', and a martial arts demonstration.

At one side was a huge canvas and some paint for all the guests to leave their comments and cartoons and I put my palm impressions on and left a message 'I had so much fun! C&N, do get married more often –Clinton' Also met a few friends, Prashant Maurya and Sanjit (who talked to me about the Chaka-Chak Campaign much to his wife's displeasure). Food was great and I went for a second helping.

We ended by going to the beach and setting gas balloons free. The gas balloons had sparklers attached to them so as they went up they also sparkled into the sky. What a nice way to end a perfect wedding!

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